ISO Certification

ISO is an internationally recognized standard for management concerning all companies. All companies regardless of their size, scope or product/ service they provide may implement effective Management System. The standards of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) are many with each covering a particular area of management system. ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety; ISO 20000 IT Service Management System,ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems, ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System and ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems among other. Certification is available for the following International standards:
  • ISO 9001- Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001-Environmental Management System
  • ISO 45001- Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • ISO 20000-Information Technology Service Management System
  • ISO 21001 Educational Organization Management System
  • ISO 22000-Food Safety Management System
  • ISO 22301-Business Continuity Management System
  • ISO 27001-Information Security Management System
  • ISO 28000-Supply Chain Security Management System
  • ISO 45001 –Occupational Health & Safety Management System
  • ISO 55001-Asset Management System
  • ISO 37001- Anti-bribery Management System
  • ISO 39001-Road Traffic Safety Management System
  • ISO 20121-Event Sustainability Management Systems
  • ISO 13485-Medical Devices Management System
  • ISO/TS 16949-Automotive Quality Management System
  • ISO 29001- Oil and Gas Quality Management System
  • Integrated Management System – ISO 9001, ISO 14001 ,OHSAS 18001
  • Integrated Management System- ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 22301
  • Integrated Management System –ISO 14001, ISO 22301, ISO 27001
  • Integrated Management System-ISO 9001,ISO 20000, ISO 27001
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    Cognicert assist businesses in the following activities:

    • Auditing Services:
    • Mock Assessments,
    • Supplier Audits
    • Management Audits,
    • Internal Audits


    FSSC 22000 Certification

    Cognicert audits and certifies organisations to the Food Safety Standard Certification. FSSC 22000 is a Food Safety Management Certification Scheme, managed by Foundation FSSC 22000 and governed by an independent Board of Stakeholders which consists of representatives from several sectors in the food industry. FSSC 22000 is used to control food safety risks.


    Cognicert delivers several standard related training to organisations. The training range include:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Internal, Lead Auditor and Implementer Courses
  • ISO 14001:2015 Internal, Lead Auditor and Implementer Courses
  • ISO 45001:2018 Internal, Lead Auditor and Implementer Courses
  • ISO 22000:2018 Internal, Lead Auditor and Implementer Courses
  • ISO 27001:2013 Internal, Lead Auditor and Implementer Courses
  • ISO 20000:2018 Internal, Lead Auditor and Implementer Courses
  • GDPR Internal, Lead Auditor and Implementer Courses
  • ISO 37001:2015 Internal, Lead Auditor and Implementer Courses
  • QESC 15288: Quality Engineering System Certification


    The Quality Engineering System Certification QESC 15288:2015 offers a complete certification Scheme for the auditing and certification of ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015 Systems and software engineering — System life cycle processes , Application of integrated Logistics support to Engineering System Lifecycle Management and other QESC 15288:2015 requirements.

    The Scheme uses international and independent standards such as ISO 15288, ISO 19011, ISO 16091, ISO 17021 and technical specifications for integrated logistic support. These standards were developed through a wide and open consultation with a large number of international stakeholders. Besides these standards, the Scheme contains so-called QESC Additional Requirements. The QESC 15288 Scheme sets out the requirements for Certification Bodies, Accreditation Bodies and Training Organizations to develop and implement its operations for auditing and certification of food safety management systems of organizations within the entire Engineering industry supply chain. The issued certificate confirms that the organizations Quality Engineering System is in conformance with the Scheme requirements and that the organization is able to maintain compliance with these requirements.

    The Scheme Design

    The QESC 15288 Scheme consists of four components: I ISO 15288, ISO 9001, ISO 16091 and additional requirements. Besides these three components there’s a QESC 15288-Quality option based on the additional requirements of ISO 9001.

    For organizations wishing to integrate their quality engineering system into the scope of their certification, QESC 15288-Quality certification is available. QESC 15288-Quality consists of a combined ISO 15288:2015 and other QESC 15288 requirements.

    The 3 Components of QESC 15288:2015

    ISO 15288:2015 Requirements Provide detailed engineering life-cycle processes
    Integrated Logistics Support Application of integrated Logistics support to Engineering System Lifecycle Management
    QESC 15288:2015 Requirements QESC 15288:2015 provides specific requirements covering Corporate governance, Human factor engineering, Reliability engineering and Project Management