Customer-Centric System Certification

The Customer-Centric System Certification offers a complete certification scheme for the auditing and certification of ISO 10001:2018, 10002:2018, 1003:2018 and 10004:2018 requirements.

The Scheme uses international standards such as of ISO 10001:2018, 10002:2018, 1003:2018 and 10004:2018. These standards were developed through a wide and open consultation with a large number of international stakeholders. The Scheme sets out the requirements for Certification Bodies, Accreditation Bodies and Training Organizations to develop and implement its operations for auditing and certification of Customer-Centric Systems of organizations. The issued certificate confirms that the organizations Customer-Centric system is in conformance with the scheme’s requirements and that the organization is able to maintain compliance with these requirements.

The Scheme design

The CCMS Scheme consists of four components:

The 4 Components of CCMS

ISO 10001:2018 Requirements ISO 10001 contains guidance on codes of conduct for organizations related to customer satisfaction. Such codes of conduct can decrease the probability of problems arising and can eliminate causes of complaints and disputes which can decrease customer satisfaction.
ISO 10002:2018 Requirements ISO 10002 contains guidance on the internal handling of product- and service-related complaints. By fulfilling the promises given in a customer satisfaction code of conduct, organizations decrease the likelihood of problems arising because there is less potential for confusion regarding customer expectations concerning the organization and its products and services.
ISO 10003:2018 Requirements ISO 10003 contains guidance on the resolution of disputes regarding product- and service-related complaints that could not be satisfactorily resolved internally. When disputes do arise, the existence of a customer satisfaction code of conduct can assist the parties in understanding customer expectations and the organization’s attempts to meet those expectations.
ISO 10001:2018 Requirements ISO 10004 contains guidance on establishing effective processes for monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction. Its focus is on customers external to the organization. Guidelines given in ISO 10004 can support the establishment and implementation of customer satisfaction codes of conduct. For example, the processes described in ISO 10004 can assist the organization to monitor and measure customer satisfaction with the codes

Becoming an Authorized CB  

Are you interested in becoming a authorized CCMS Certification Body? Please find more information about the application process. Be aware: It is not allowed to promote or sell CCMS services without a signed partnership agreement with Cognicert Limited UK.

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