FMS 55001 certification is granted to the companies that demonstrate compliance and regulatory requirements with ISO 55001 Asset Management System, Integrated Logistics Support and other Fleet Management Requirements. COGNICERT will provide this certification which is a useful tool to add credibility, by demonstrating that your fleet management Services meet the major criteria and is in conformance with this requirement. With this certification, companies will show compliance to the specific clauses implemented in their management system, such as:

  • Being aware of the context of the organization
  • Proactively scanning their organization
  • Being able to react to the crisis that does occur
  • Communicating a positive message to staff and customers
  • Ensuring management’s support for the implementation
  • Determine and maintain required infrastructure
  • Operations to be conducted through processes that are planned and controlled
  • Providing product and service related information
  • Determine design stages considering activities such as verification and validation, control of design, design review, resources needed for design and development, etc.

Target Audience

FMS is targeted at:

  1. Fleet and trucking service providers
  2. Shippers
  3. Airliners
  4. Equipment Dealers and Users

What is FMS about?

FMS consists of the major clauses of ISO 55001 which allow different departments at a company to implement specific clause with less direction from management, without risking the fundamental concepts of ISO structure. Implementing the COGNICERT’s FMS framework and obtaining the certification for your organization is a right decision toward demonstrating the ability of practicing quality management and addressing the challenges involved in an efficient way.

The design objectives for this new certification scheme are:

  • Easy implementation steps
  • Committed to customer satisfaction
  • Ensuring valuation fleet activities
  • Promoting safety of personnel and the fleet
  • Reducing fleet failure rates
  • Ensuring confidentiality and impartiality
  • Reduced management involvement
  • Certifiable

Benefits of FMS certification

  • Improved financial performance
  • Competent fleet investment decisions
  • Effective integrated risk management
  • Improved resilience and reliability
  • Improved services and outputs
  • Demonstrated social responsibility
  • Demonstrated regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Improved customer and stakeholder satisfaction
  • Improved organizational sustainability
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness

FMS certification is granted by COGNICERT upon verifying through an audit that the organization has fulfilled the considered essential clauses. This certification is then maintained through scheduled annual surveillance audits by the registrar, with re-certification of the Fleet Management Systems performed on a triannual basis.

Becoming an Authorized CB  

Are you interested in becoming a authorized FMS 55001 Certification Body? Please find more information about the application process. Be aware: It is not allowed to promote or sell FMS 55001 services without a signed partnership agreement with Cognicert Limited UK.

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