Cognicert Transport and Supply Chain Manager

Course Overview

The supply chain management industry is a growing industry seeking high-skilled workers. This course is aimed at helping learners develop an understanding of the industry-specific competencies needed to improve performance in transport and supply chain management.

This course provides understanding of the challenges, transport management including running costs, maintenance strategies, health and safety, operational processes; frauds and other opportunities for continuously improving the Transport management performance.

Learning Outcomes

While taking this course, participants will learn to:

  • Describe the different modes of transportation and the functions of transportation management
  • Identify the components of a supply chain, and the resources and planning involved in managing a supply chain
  • Importance of transportation planning, operations and monitoring in effective supply chain management
  • Plan transportation including journey management, routing and scheduling
  • Manage effective transport operations like effecting controls, maintenance and performance
  • How software systems are used to make supply chain decisions and improve processes
  • Monitor and evaluate transport performance
  • Improve transport performance

Target Audience

Transport Supervisors and Managers

Course Content

Understanding Transport and the Supply Chain

  • Definitions of Supply Chain Management
  • Understanding the Supply Chain Dynamics
  • Supply Chain Operations Reference Models (SCOR)
  • The Theory of Constraints (TOC)
  • The Role of Transportation in Supply Chain
  • Types of Mode or Intermodal System
  • Concept of Reverse logistics

Transport Planning

  • International Commercial Terms in Transportation and the Liabilities
  • Air carrier selection criteria
  • Ocean carrier selection criteria
  • Transport risks and insurance coverage
  • Vehicle utilisation, routing and scheduling systems


Transport Operations Management

  • Operations Management
  • Loading and load security
  • Vehicle maintenance and administrative systems
  • Managing Transport Fraud
  • Transport operational controls: processes and procedure development and improvement.
  • Site safety and security according to ISO 39001 (Road Traffic Safety Management System)
  • Transport documents and record management
  • Documentation in Transportation
  • Hazardous Materials Transportation

Transport Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Transportation Success Factors
  • Measuring transportation performance
  • Monitoring and auditing techniques and evidences
  • Use of ICT in Transport Management
  • Monitoring and evaluating financial and other performance
  • Evaluating and Reviewing Transport Activities

Improving Transport performance

  • Implementing Corrective actions
  • Risk Mitigation and Preventive actions


Duration: 3 Days


Training Methodologies

  • Case Study
  • Individual and Group Exercises


Assessment and Qualification
Learning is assessed through:

  • 2 hours open examination. Passing the exams qualifies the candidate for Cognicert Transport and Supply Chain Manager (CPD Certificate)
  • Practical experience of 25 days with activity log qualifies participants for our Cognicert Transport and Supply Chain Manager (Implementer Category) I.D Card and Certificate
  • Practical experience of 50 days with activity log qualifies participants for our Cognicert Transport and Supply Chain Manager (Lead Implementer Category) I.D Card and Certificate

 Self-Study Material, Exam and Certification 

Online Training, Material, Exam and Certification 

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February 27 January 22, 2022
March 24 February 22, 2022
April 21 March 22, 2022
May 18 April 22, 2022
June 22 May 24, 2022
July 27 June 22, 2022
Aug 24 July 22, 2022
September 21 August 24, 2022
October 19 September 15, 2022
November  23 October 13, 2022
December 18 November 11, 2022

Cancellation: 3 weeks before examination attract 100% refund. 0% refund after.


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