Cognicert Limited is currently an Accredited Training Provider by the CPD Accreditation Group United Kingdom. While Communicating the good news to management of cognicert, Nicole Fisher ( Accrediation Administrator ) expressed his ‘ great pleasure that I welcome Cognicert Limited to the family of The CPD Group Ltd”. He stated further that Cognicert can henceforth freely use the CPD Provider logo at ‘your discretion across your organization, along with your certificate”.  Cognicert was encouraged to write to a 1000-word biography that can be uploaded to the CPD Group website.

In word ‘I know that I speak on behalf of the entire team when I tell you that we could not be happier that you will have your activities accredited by The CPD Group. Thank you sincerely for giving us this honour.  The CPD Group is working hard to become the most recognisable and respected accreditor in the UK and across the globe, already representing several institutions and organisations”.

The Managing Director of Cognicert received this award with great joy and promised to maintain the good will that has earned the organization this accreditation. He also promised to enlarge the accreditation scope to include all the courses and management system certification portfoilio in the nearest future.