Cognicert ISO 30401:2018 Knowledge Management System Lead Auditor Course

Certified by Cognicert Limited

ISO 30401 sets requirements and provides guidelines for establishing, implementing, maintaining, reviewing and improving an effective management system for knowledge management in organizations. All the requirements of this standard are applicable to any organization, regardless of its type or size, or the products and services it provides. Knowledge management is the intentional process of defining, structuring, retaining, and sharing an organization’s employees’ knowledge and experience. Organizations develop significant institutional knowledge as they evolve, expand into new areas, and define their business approach. This information is priceless to the company. It is critical to pass it on to new or less experienced employees in order to keep operations running smoothly.

Organizations can improve the efficiency of their practices by disseminating information and increasing the level of expertise held by specific individuals or teams using practical knowledge management. It frequently refers to training and learning within a company or among its customers. It entails a cycle of knowledge creation, sharing, structuring, and auditing to increase the effectiveness of an organization’s collective expertise.

The “ISO 30401:2018   Lead Auditor” course provides comprehensive training for participants to be able to:

  • Understand to audit each and every ISO 30401:2018  Knowledge management systems
  • Establish and implement fundamental of Knowledge management system in an organisation framework
  • Learn fundamental auditing skills;
  • Implement methods to comply with the ISO 30401:2018
  • Develop a knowledge management culture
  • Audit process and techniques
  • Improve Auditor’s skills and techniques
  • Examine the requirements of ISO 30401 from an Auditor Perspective
  • Write Audit reports and follow up corrective actions
  • Plan, Lead, Conduct and report an ISO 30401 audit;
  • Effectively verify root cause analysis as part of the ISO 30401 Management procedure on corrective action
  • Perform as an external auditor for certification bodies


  • Persons responsible for conducting certification audits according to ISO 30401:2018 requirements
  • Persons involved in the ISO 30401:2018 certification audit process
  • Persons that want to establish and monitor a knowledge management system within the organisation


Background and Development of ISO 30401:2018    

  • Definition of Knowledge Management
  • The knowledge spectrum — the range of knowledge management
  • Relationship between knowledge management and adjacent disciplines
  • Knowledge development
  • Knowledge conveyance and transformation
  • Knowledge management enablers
  • Knowledge management culture
  • History of ISO 30401:2018
  • Benefits of ISO 30401:2018

Introduction to the Requirements of the ISO 30401:2018 Standard

  • Interpretations of Key Terms
  • Elements of a knowledge Management System
  • Planning
  • Reporting structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Comparability of Reporting
  • Risk Management
  • Implementation
  • Tools and procedures for data collection

The Process Management Approach

  • Process Management Approach
  • The Planning Phase
  • Establish Process Measurements
  • Analyze the Process
  • Design or Redesign the Process
  • Process Mapping

Introduction to Management Review

  • Making Management Review relevant to Management
  • What will be reviewed?
  • Establishing the Objectives
  • Planning the Management Review
  • Output of Management Review

ISO 19011:2018

  • Types of Audits
  • Fundamentals of Internal Auditing
  • Decide how to Audit
  • Principles of Auditing

Managing an Audit Programme

  • Preparation & Planning Of Audits
  • Preparation Of checklist
  • Competence and Evaluation of Auditors.
  • Audit Activities

ISO 30401:2018 Audit Process

  • External Audit processes and criteria
  • Identification of Non-Conformities [N/C’s].
  • Documenting the Audit (Audit Report)
  • Conducting Audit Follow-Up
  • Practical Auditing Exercise

Creating a Corrective Action Plan

  • What is Root Cause Analysis?
  • When (and when not) to use Root Cause Analysis
  • The Root Cause Analysis Process
  • How to construct a Root Cause Analysis Checklist
  • Examples of how a well-run Root Cause Analysis Process works
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions

ISO 17021 Certification Audit Process

  • Audit Planning
  • Stage 1 and Stage 2 Audits
  • Audit closeouts
  • Certification, surveillance and recertification


  • Case Study
  • Individual Exercises
  • Role Play
  • Group Exercises
  • Group Presentation
  • Examination

 Self-Study Material, Exam and Certification 

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