ISO 37101:2016 establishes requirements for a management system for sustainable development in communities, including cities, using a holistic approach, with a view to ensuring consistency with the sustainable development policy of communities. The intended outcomes of a management system for sustainable development in communities include:

  • Managing sustainability and fostering smartness and resilience in communities, while taking into account the territorial boundaries to which it applies;
  • Improving the contribution of communities to sustainable development outcomes;
  • Assessing the performance of communities in progressing towards sustainable development outcomes and the level of smartness and of resilience that they have achieved;
  • Fulfilling compliance obligations.

ISO 37101:2016 is intended to help communities become more resilient, smart and sustainable, through the implementation of strategies, programmes, projects, plans and services, and demonstrate and communicate their achievements.

The “ISO 37101:2016 Lead Auditor” course provides comprehensive training for participants to be able to:

  • Understand how to audit each and every ISO 37101:2016   requirements
  • Learn fundamental auditing skills;
  • Implement methods to comply with the ISO 37101:2016
  • Audit process and techniques
  • Improve Auditor’s skills and techniques
  • Examine the requirements of ISO 37101 from an Auditor Perspective
  • Write Audit reports process and follow up corrective actions
  • Plan, Lead, Conduct and report an ISO 37101 audit;
  • Effectively verify root cause analysis as part of the ISO 37101 Management procedure on corrective action


  • Persons responsible for conducting certification audits according to ISO 37101:2016 requirements
  • Persons involved in the ISO 37101:2016 certification audits processes.


Day 1

  • Background and Development of ISO 37101:2016
  • Interpreting the Requirements of the ISO 37101:2016  Standard
  • The Process Management Approach
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Management System Planning

Day 2

  • Document Management
  • Inspection Operations managements
  • Resource Management
  • Subcontracting
  • Process Improvement
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Day 3

  • Fundamentals of Auditing
  • Auditing according to ISO 17021 and ISO 19011
  • Managing Audit Program
  • Audit Evidences
  • Audit Process
  • Audit Planning Preparation

Day 4

  • Leading an audit
  • Conducting Onsite Audit
  • Conducting Audit Follow-Up
  • The Root Cause Analysis Process
  • Certification Audit processes and criteria

Day 5

  • Revision and
  • Examination

Duration: 5 days

Training Methodologies

  • Case Study
  • Individual Exercises
  • Role Play
  • Group Exercises
  • Group Presentation
  • Examination