Medication errors contribute to as many as 22,000 deaths a year, major report shows. This was reported by Alex Matthews-King Health Correspondent of the Independent Newspapers of Friday 23 February 2018 .
Healthcare is a sector where medical knowledge is necessarily in focus. The management system shall take this into account when determining the approaches applied. Knowledge management of the clinical processes is the general approach for operational application of medical knowledge. Maintaining medical knowledge is a requirement related to personal competence for the staff of the organization. Systematic approaches to develop and maintain medical knowledge are requirements related to resource management. – BS EN 15224:2016

In healthcare three main types of processes providing services to the main customers are identified:
— clinical processes;
— healthcare research processes; and
— healthcare educational processes.
Understanding and compliane with Healthcare Quality Risks Management is key to reducing health care risks and improving health care for all.

Participants, at the end of this course, will be able to:

  • Understand how to effective identify and assess risks
  • Lead team to minimize impact of risks and risky situations in healthcare organization
  • To understand various risk management tools and their application
  • To understand how to lead clinical risk management team
  • To identify, defend and ensure risk governance and compliance in the healthcare sector.
  • Improve risk proactiveness of the clinical processes to ensure customers’ safety and satisfaction
  • Effectively Monitor the performance of risk controls
  • Aid organization in making decision pertaining to risks

For whom:

Healthcare Risk Manager, Healthcare Safety Manager, Healthcare Quality Manager


Upon successful completion of this programme,you will receive Cognicert Quality Healthcare Risk Manager Certificate from Cognicert Limited UK.

Course Content

  • Principles of risks management
  • Healthcare Quality Aspects
  • Quality Risks Management
  • Healthcare Quality Risk Management
  • Risks Assessment Methodologies and Application
  • Risks Management Framework
  • Risk Management Planning
  • Communication and consultation
  • Context of Risk Management
  • Risk Scope Management
  • Defining risk criteria
  • Risks management Process
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk identification
  • Types of risks
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk evaluation
  • Risk treatment
  • Risks Treatment options
  • Selection of risk treatment options
  • Preparing and implementing risk treatment plans
  • Implementation of risk management
  • Implementation of controls
  • Risk Implementation Monitoring and Control
  • Communication and consultation
  • Risk Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Monitoring and review
  • Recording and reporting