ISO 22716 is an international standard of good manufacturing practices (GMP) for the cosmetics manufacturing industry and describes the basic principles of applying GMP in a facility that produces finished cosmetic products. This guideline offers organised and practical advice on the management of human, technical and administrative factors affecting product quality.

While every company can benefit from an ISO 9001 management system, the ISO 22716 provides a comprehensive approach for those who work in the manufacturing, packaging, testing, storage, and transportation of finished cosmetic products. The term ‘cosmetic’ refers to any goods or materials intended to augment, enhance, purify, or cleanse one’s face or body. These can range from makeup to perfumes, as well as body and hair products. ISO 22716 provides a widespread approach for an organisation’s management of quality system through practical methods. While certain companies achieve ISO 22716 implementation out of necessity, numerous businesses see this as a strategic move due to the vast benefits that an ISO management system offers.

Benefits of ISO 22716:2007

The benefits of ISO 22716 are vast and can be unique to your particular business. However, benefits of ISO 22716 include:

  • Reducing cosmetic product hazards and promotes Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Ensuring quality and safety compliance of cosmetic products within the supply chain
  • Adhering to an internationally recognized achievement
  • Supporting legal compliance from international regulators
  • A flexible approach which applies to organizations of all sizes and integrates with other standards, such as ISO 9001
  • Controls hazards and risks associated with cosmetic products, ensuring continuous improvement.
  • Implemented easily in all sizes and levels of complexity, and compliance of legal requirements.

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