ISO 28007:2015 Guidelines for Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) providing privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) on board ships

ISO 28007 is widely known for providing the Requirements for Ships and Marine Technology for Private Maritime Security Companies. ISO 28007 was introduced to address the safety and legal implications of employing PCASP through a risk-based approach. It provides guidelines and sector-specific requirements that PMSC, who already comply with ISO 28000, can implement to demonstrate that they provide appropriate PCASP services on board ships.  ISO 28007 builds on ISO 28000 to help you design and implement your maritime security management controls like deploying armed guards as well identifying the impact of your operation and how to prevent negative impact.


Like other ISO management system standards, certification to ISO 28007 is possible through the continual improvement process and Plan, Do, Check, Act. Some organizations choose to implement the standard in order to benefit from the best practice it contains while others decide they also want to get certified to reassure customers and clients that their information systems are secure, and that company have actioned any recommendations that have been questioned.

Benefits of becoming ISO 28007 certified

ISO 28007 will help:

  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities within your organization.
  • Enhanced security with added confidence. ISO 28007 certification can enhance your organisation’s credibility by demonstrating that you provide appropriate PCASP services on board ships
  • Improved interrelationships and risk assessment: helps to manage key aspects of supply chain risk.
  • Improved efficiency and reduce costs
  • Ensure compliance regulatory requirements: Compliance with the important international laws protects your company’s reputation. It recognises the different laws of Flag States, Coastal States, International Maritime Law, and guidance from agencies such as IMO, UKMTO and National Governments.
  • Competitive edge: meeting customers and regulatory requirements gives you an edge over competitors
  • Managing employees and subcontractors (including selection, training and on-going competence).

 Getting started

  • To obtain certification, you need to implement an effective Private Maritime Security management system complying with the requirements of the standard.
  • Cognicert is a third-party certification body. We can help you throughout the journey. Our offer includes training, self-assessment, gap analysis and certification.

Contact us to find how we can assist you in becoming an ISO 28007 Certified.