Course Overview

This course is aimed at introducing HR Professional to the techniques of using people analytics standard to supports organizations seeking to adopt a more data-driven decision-making process as opposed to decisions based on gut feelings. However, before organizations can take this step and start with advanced People Analytics, there is a need to build a strong data foundation and overall metrics landscape.  ISO 30414 Human Capital Reporting Standard provides qualitative and quantitative information on the workforce and HR practices. The goal is to make value contribution of human resources to the organization more transparent and outcome focused. The standard can also be used as a tool to demonstrate an organization’s social responsibility to internal and external stakeholders.

The course will adopt ISO 30414 guidelines for internal and external human capital reporting (HCR). The objective is to consider and to make transparent the human capital contribution to the organization in order to support the sustainability of the workforce. The standard is applicable to all organisations, regardless of the type, size, nature, or complexity of the business, whether in the public, private or voluntary sector, or a not-for-profit organisation. ISO 30414 has 58 metrics in 11 areas of human capital management.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course participants shall be able to:

  • Identify measurement opportunities; diagnose HR financial and operational measures,
  • Quantify HR department’s contribution to the overall bottom line, through solid, factual, and verifiable data and analyze toughest workforce decisions with easy-to-use mathematical formulas.
  • Integrate measurement analytics with action plan through bench-marking, to achieve and surpass industry standards.
  • Understand and assess of investment in organization’s human capital, its present and future performance along with financial and non-financial returns.
  • Assess whether a company is set up for sustainable growth.
  • Understand HR practices, and how HR systems captures data to support organization’s value creation cycle.

For Whom: Human Resources Executives, Managers or Directors, Would be HR Professionals, Other  Managers who want to learn about HR Metrics

Course Content

  • Introduction
    • What are human resources metrics?
    • Type of HR Metrics
    • Guiding principles of HR reporting
    • Target groups and stakeholder relevance
    • Internal and External Reporting
  • HR Analytics Document Management
    • Human Capital Reporting process
    • Reporting documents: Processes and procedures
  • Planning
    • Reporting structure, roles and responsibilities
    • Comparability of Reporting
    • Risk Management
  • Implementation
    • Tools and procedures for data collection
    • Collecting HR Data
  • Analysis of HR Metrics
    • Compliance
    • Costs
    • Diversity
    • Leadership
    • Occupational health and safety
    • Organizational culture
    • Productivity
    • Recruitment, Mobility, and Turnover
    • Skills and capabilities
    • Succession planning
    • Workforce availability
  • HR Reporting
    • Reporting areas
    • Content of HR Analytics’ Report
    • Reporting frequency .
  • Improvement
    • Review of Analytic reports
    • Utilizing HR report findings
    • Correctives Actions

Training Methodologies

  • Case Study
  • Individual Exercises
  • Role Play
  • Group Exercises
  • Group Presentation
  • Examination

Self-Study Material, Exam and Certification 

Online Training, Material, Exam and Certification 

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July 27 June 22, 2022
Aug 24 July 22, 2022
September 21 August 24, 2022
October 19 September 15, 2022
November  23 October 13, 2022
December 18 November 11, 2022

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