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Experts suggest that trained Inspection Manager can reduce costs by as much as 15% through reduction in errors rates. This course covers Inspection management in the context of ISO 9001 Inspection Management System. It also provides the opportunity to gain knowledge on the regulations and processes of Inspection management. Participants will also be introduced to the concept of Plan-Do- Check-Act in managing Inspection with policies, processes, procedures and controls.

Inspection professional carry out assessments on behalf of private clients, their parent organizations, or authorities, with the objective of providing information about the conformity of inspected items with regulations, standards, specifications, inspection schemes or contracts. Inspection parameters include matters of quantity, Inspection , safety, fitness for purpose, and continued safety compliance of installations or systems in operation. The general requirements with which these professionals are required to comply in order that their services are accepted by clients and by supervisory authorities are harmonized in this International Standard. The course would equip inspection managers with skills to implement the requirements of ISO 17020 Inspection Management System for improved inspection servicedelivery and/ or accreditation purposes.

For whom:

  • Inspection Supervisor
  • Inspection Manager
  • ISO 17020 Inspection Management System Implementer for accreditation purposes.


Upon successful completion of this programme, you will receive Cognicert Inspection Manager Certificate from Cognicert Limited UK.

Course Content

Introduction to Inspection  Management

  • Background and Development of ISO 17020:2012
  • Interpreting the Requirements of the ISO 17020:2012  Standard
  • Inspection Management Principles
  • Inspection Management System Requirements
  • Inspection Management Tools
  • The Process Management Approach
  • Independence of Inspection provider and process
  • Inspection Management Planning
  • Context of inspections management
  • Inspection requirements
  • Inspection Risk Management
  • Inspection Management Plan

Inspection Operations Management

  • Inspection documents and record management
  • Inspection operational controls: processes and procedure development and improvement.
  • Inspection Human Resources Management
  • Subcontracting
  • Developing Identification and traceability system
  • Preservation of inspection equipment
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Inspection methods and procedures
  • Handling inspection items and samples
  • Inspection reports and inspection certificates
  • Complaints and appeals process
  • Change Management and Controls
  • Control of nonconforming outputs
  • Inspection performance monitoring and Evaluation
  • Monitoring and auditing techniques and evidences
  • Customer feedback survey, Supplier Evaluation and employees
  • Use of ICT in Inspection Management
  • Monitoring and evaluating Inspection Performance
  • Auditing Inspection Performance
  • Evaluating and Reviewing Inspection Activities
  • Improving Inspection performance
  • Implementing Corrective actions
  • Risk Mitigation and Preventive actions

Training Methodologies

  • Case Study
  • Individual Exercises
  • Role Play
  • Group Exercises
  • Group Presentation
  • Examination