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The ISO 44001:2017 Collaborative Business Relationship Management Systems Lead Auditor course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead audits of collaborative business relationship management systems based on the ISO 44001 standard. This course focuses on developing expertise in auditing collaborative relationships and ensuring effective implementation of ISO 44001 requirements.

Target Audience:

  • Professionals involved in the management or auditing of collaborative business relationships
  • Quality managers and auditors
  • Consultants and advisors specializing in business relationship management
  • Individuals seeking to enhance their auditing skills in the context of collaborative relationships

Reference Standards: The course is aligned with the ISO 44001:2017 standard for Collaborative Business Relationship Management Systems. Additionally, it references other relevant standards and guidelines, including ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems) and ISO 19011:2018 (Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems).


  • Understand the principles and requirements of ISO 44001:2017
  • Gain proficiency in leading audits of collaborative business relationship management systems
  • Develop skills for assessing the effectiveness of collaborative relationships within organizations
  • Learn techniques for identifying non-conformities and evaluating compliance with ISO 44001 requirements
  • Prepare to become a certified lead auditor in ISO 44001:2017

Learning Outcome: Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Interpret the requirements of ISO 44001:2017 and apply them to different types of collaborative relationships
  • Plan, conduct, and report on audits of collaborative business relationship management systems
  • Identify areas for improvement and recommend corrective actions to enhance the effectiveness of collaborative relationships
  • Lead audit teams effectively and ensure compliance with ISO 44001 requirements
  • Prepare for and pass the ISO 44001:2017 Lead Auditor certification exam

Course Content:

  1. Introduction to Collaborative Business Relationships
    • Overview of collaborative business relationships
    • Benefits and challenges of collaboration
    • Introduction to ISO 44001:2017 and its key principles
  2. Understanding ISO 44001 Requirements
    • Scope and applicability of ISO 44001:2017
    • Principles of collaborative working and relationship management
    • Key terms and definitions
  3. Audit Planning and Preparation
    • Planning an audit of collaborative business relationship management systems
    • Establishing audit criteria, scope, and objectives
    • Developing an audit plan and checklist
  4. Conducting the Audit
    • Conducting opening meetings and interviews with relevant stakeholders
    • Collecting and reviewing evidence to assess compliance with ISO 44001 requirements
    • Applying audit techniques and methods effectively
  5. Audit Reporting and Follow-up
    • Documenting audit findings and non-conformities
    • Preparing audit reports and communicating results to relevant stakeholders
    • Following up on corrective actions and monitoring their implementation
  6. Leading Audit Teams
    • Roles and responsibilities of lead auditors and audit team members
    • Effective leadership and communication skills for audit team management
    • Managing conflicts and ensuring impartiality in auditing processes
  7. Case Studies and Practical Exercises
    • Real-world case studies and scenarios related to collaborative business relationships
    • Practical exercises to reinforce learning objectives and audit skills
  8. ISO 44001 Lead Auditor Certification Preparation
    • Tips and strategies for preparing for the ISO 44001 Lead Auditor certification exam
    • Practice questions and mock exams to assess readiness for certification